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Witage is an OEM and ODM manufacturer of stainless steel and metal framework chassis.
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We, NingBo NingBo XiangLong Metal Products Co.,Ltd.g Metal Products Co.,Ltd. are a manufacturer on metal stamping, bending, forming, welding, laser cutting and assembling section, specially on the metal chassis and bracket, pulley and winch, are using on food facility, auto accessories, equipment parts by OEM/ODM service with diversified schemes. At XL Metal OEM/ODM Service, our comprehensive solution always start in the place with what you really need. All of our cooperation terms are flexible to meet you.

Here are our advance for you:

1. Small quantity order...

If your project so suitable for us, we can help to handle your small trial order,offer more convenience, advance on your competition, with the promise for delivery on time.
2. More competitive price...
We passing our cost saving with management efficient and technical know-how improve to you, could be counted on, ensuring by our quality control management.
3. Offer a whole basket solution for your scheme...
We work with our chain group around NingBo region to present a whole solution from the metal forming, extruding, casting, surface treatment, plastic and rubber process with the fabrication assembling and trusted flow quality control by our system.
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